St Josephs Catholic Primary School

Friends of St. Joseph’s

Welcome to the Friends of St. Joseph’s. As parents of children attending St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School you automatically become members of the Friends. This association is a wonderful extension of the school community and is an integral part of the overall success of the school.

About the Friends

‘Friends of St. Joseph’s’ is a voluntary organization that exists to raise funds to buy resources that enrich the education of the children at the school, and the parents and all the committee members work very hard to achieve this. This support is critical for maintaining the results and excellent reputation that St. Joseph’s has achieved over many years. Not only is this money necessary for ongoing enhancements to school resources (ie. Library, PE equipment, computers) but it gives vital support for extra-curricular activities and theatre groups/visitors to the school. A series of “Outstanding OFSTED reports” demonstrates how effective our teaching is and how fortunate we all are to work so closely and supportively together.

We organise fund raising events throughout the year which gives children, parents, family and friends the opportunity to participate in a variety of enjoyable activities. The Friends raise funds through a variety of events, examples of which include Discos and Quiz Nights, to name a few, and perhaps the most important event of the year, the Summer Fair.

If you would like to help us plan fun events & raise funds to benefit our children, you can join the ‘Friends’ Committee which meets regularly to coordinate the activities. New members are always welcome.

If time is at a premium and you’re unable to join the ‘Friends’ Committee, an excellent way to contribute to the school community and support ‘Friends’ is by becoming a ‘Helping Hand’ at events and, obviously, attending an event!