St Josephs Catholic Primary School


At St Joseph’s we teach English daily across the school. We believe Reading is the foundation of the whole English curriculum as it also underpins god writing. Children at St Joseph’s have lots of opportunities to read including class reading and guided reading sessions. The children read a wide variety of books including; fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays. We encourage the children to see themselves as readers and share books with each other. In class guided reading sessions the children have the opportunity to read and explore the book within a group, with an adult or with other children. The children can choose the books they wish to read from an inviting class reading area or the school library where we also have a book club once a week. Throughout the year we have many different activities to promote reading including; author visits, Read-a-thon, Reading Challenges and through celebrating ‘World Book Day’. We aim to encourage children to read for pleasure!

Writing is also a priority at St. Joseph’s and the children are given the opportunity to complete extended pieces of writing regularly and across the curriculum. We understand that writing is a process and encourage children to begin writing at the earliest opportunity through ‘mark making’ in Foundation Stage. Across the classroom children are given opportunities to write as part of their activities. Children are taught the grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and vital editing and drafting skills needed to complete a good piece of writing. The children will have the opportunity to write for different purposes and audiences. At St Joseph’s the children are given the opportunity to share and celebrate their writing with others.

Children are given the opportunity to develop their spoken language throughout all areas of the curriculum. Spoken language can be developed in many ways, such as; understanding and exploring ideas, listening and responding to adults and peers, considering and evaluating viewpoints, speaking clearly and fluently in class discussions, role play and presentations. Teachers model clear Standard English for the children, extending, recasting and repeating language to develop the children’s confidence in spoken language.


Throughout the school we encourage the children to take ownership of their learning. The children select their own level of challenge for each lesson by choosing an activity that is ‘mild’, ‘spicy’ or ‘hot’ with an extended challenge of ‘peri – peri’.