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Helping your child at home

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A guide to supporting reading

Am I responsible for my child’s attendance?

Changes to the primary curriculum.pdf

Early support learning disability

Every parent matters.pdf

Formal meetings with teachers.pdf

Getting the best out of homework.pdf

Getting the most from school reports

Helping your child with homework.pdf


How is your child doing at school.pdf

How is your child doing.pdf

How to be a more involved dad.pdf

Its childs play – Early Years Foundation Stage.pdf

Making the most of parent evenings.pdf

Making the most of time with your child.pdf

Parents guidance mental written calculations revised.pdf

Special Educational Needs – A guide for parents and carers.pdf

Supporting your child yr 1.pdf

Supporting your child yr 2.pdf

Supporting your child yr 3.pdf

Supporting your child yr 4.pdf

Supporting your child yr 5.pdf

Supporting your child yr 6.pdf

Supporting your child yr reception.pdf

what your child is learning at school.pdf

Written methods for addition of whole numbers.pdf

Written methods for division of whole numbers.pdf

Written methods for multiplication of whole numbers.pdf

Written methods for subtraction of whole numbers.pdf

Your childs learning and development.pdf

 Helping your child read at home

 Year 2 Numeracy presentation add and sub

 KS1 Maths Targets

 KS1 Number system

 KS1 Multiplication and Division

 KS1 Calculations and Problem Solving

 Ideas to help your child in Reading & Writing