St Josephs Catholic Primary School


At St Joseph’s, we have a structured policy for homework, which is seen as a vital part of the learning process.  We consider that homework plays an important part in the child’s development of Literacy and Numeracy skills and concepts. Parents are encouraged to take an active interest in their child’s homework and support them in it. We especially ask that you hear your child read regularly at home.

The aims of our homework curriculum are:

  • to foster home-school co-operation in children’s learning,
  • to develop a love of reading,
  • to consolidate and extend the work of the class teacher,
  • to encourage independent learning in children,
  • to promote a positive attitude to learning and acquiring knowledge.

We recognise that work done at home on a regular basis can significantly enhance the progress of our children. A range of homework activities are given to the children depending on their age and ability.
We strongly encourage parents to become involved by setting aside time and space for written work or reading to be done, assisting in the memorising and testing of spellings and multiplication tables, discussing work done in school to reinforce understanding and give opportunities to apply skills and knowledge gained, or regularly listening to their children read.