St Josephs Catholic Primary School


At St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, we aim to promote healthy, independent and responsible members of society. We encourage all our pupils to play a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community through class & school councils, fundraising events, supporting nominated charities and involvement in community activities.

Through assemblies and prayer sessions children are able to develop confidence, self-motivation and an understanding of their rights and responsibilities within our diverse society.
As part of PSHE, we also teach and discuss with children SMSC. This stands for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The School Council helps promote good behaviour whilst also giving a pupil voice. The children are able to express their views and opinions.

As a Catholic School we believe God is at the centre of all we do and the morals that we follow come from the Bible and teaching of Jesus. Jesus taught us to ‘Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.’ (John 13:34-35.)
PSHE covers a large range of important topics such as internet safety, road safety, the economy, politics, relationships and being healthy.

Here are some links which your children might find interesting: client_ftp/ks2/pshe/moral_mazes_lower/index.htm