St Josephs Catholic Primary School

New School Building

Over recent years our school site – classrooms and playground facilities – have benefited greatly as a result of the generous support of our parents. Classrooms and toilets have been refurbished and modernised, an up to date ICT system installed, electrical rewiring of the whole school completed, and a general programme of upgrading introduced. This has greatly improved the general learning environment for the children in our care, which all children benefit from, and one of which we can be proud.

We are currently about to embark on the next stage of our school development, which is the construction of a new building comprising additional classrooms and a new school Hall, which should start by Easter. Our school is greatly oversubscribed and the new building will provide additional capacity for the school to accept another form of entry which means more places for children from local Catholic families.

When complete, the building will provide another six classrooms, additional smaller teaching rooms, disabled access via a lift, as well as a new larger school Hall.

We are very excited at the prospect of this new building and the additional space it will provide for teaching, learning and community use. The new Hall, for example, will be used by all children for assemblies, PE lessons, music rehearsals, concerts, extra-curricular activities etc. The current hall, although well used, is not particularly suitable for PE with older pupils due to the pillars in the middle of the hall. It is also too small to accommodate a whole school assembly and we expect this problem to be resolved with the new larger Hall. The new Hall will also have a kitchen area, which will enable us to provide refreshments for parents more easily at school events, as well as opening up the facility for community and parish use. Please see the drawings and plans for your further information.

As a Voluntary Aided (VA) school, the progress that has been made in the past has only been possible with the commitment and financial support of generations of parents. The government requires all VA school to raise 10% as a minimum towards the capital costs of any buildings or works associated with the buidings. The school has been fortunate to obtain a grant of £2.2 million from the Department for Education but the price of the entire project is over £2.5 million, which means that we still need to raise at least £300,000. The purpose of this letter is to enlist your support for the School Building Fund.

The School Building Fund is financed exclusively through parental contributions. It has been agreed by Governors that we would have the following level of contributions for 2015-16:

£75 per child.

This is still a small contribution to make for what is, virtually, a free Catholic education for your child. In addition, parents of infant age children are saving around £400 annually by receiving free hot school lunches, which more than offsets the above contribution.

Do have a look at the plans of the interior and exterior of the new building as well as the form that you should complete when making your contribution to the School Building Fund. We would ask that you give serious consideration to setting up a standing order for this payment and we would also urge you to sign the Gift Aid form, if you pay UK tax, as this will increase your contribution at no additional cost to you as the school can reclaim extra money from the government. Gift Aid contributions last year brought in well over £1000 extra money to the school.

We would ask that you support the School Building Fund as generously as you can and support our drive to create a new building for our children to further enhance the quality of their education here at St. Joseph’s.

It goes without saying that contributions above those suggested would be gratefully accepted and all contributions will be personally acknowledged in writing.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School’ and can be returned by hand to either school office or by post. Cash may also be paid directly at the school offices. If you would like to set up a standing order for the payment, please come in and speak to the school office who will be happy to help.

We would like to thank all parents who have already contributed to the fund so far this year. Your support and commitment is making a real difference to the educational experience of our children.

We look forward to meeting you all at all the school functions throughout the coming months.

All publications are in PDF format to download and print.

 New School Building Report Nov 2015

 Side Elevation Plans

 Floor Plans