St Josephs Catholic Primary School

Partnership with Parents

At St Joseph’s we believe your child’s education is a shared responsibility and we try hard to involve you as much as possible, by keeping you informed about your child‘s progress and making you feel welcome in the school. We have an ‘open door’ policy with parents. If at any time you want to discuss any aspect of your child’s life at St Joseph’s you are encouraged to make an appointment at the office. Both Mrs. Barton, the Interim Headteacher and Miss Flitton, Deputy Head, are available if you need to speak to them.

Making you feel welcomed

At the start of each year a summary of the work being undertaken in each year group is explained to parents at Year Group Curriculum meetings so that parents can support their child’s work at home.
You will also be invited to school regularly, for consultation evenings, class and music assemblies, Year Group Masses, productions and many other events. Newsletters are sent out/emailed and are available on the website.  We will also regularly text you with information and reminders.
We welcome parents and other friends of the school who are willing to help on a voluntary basis in a variety of ways, such as clubs and accompanying school trips.
There are times when families feel they need additional support from the school, and we will always do whatever we can to help.