St Josephs Catholic Primary School

Religious Education

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 Diocese of Westminster Inspection Report 2015

 Collective Worship Dates for Parents

Religious Education

Religious Education is an integral part of the life of St. Joseph’s and permeates all areas of the curriculum. Our aims are to provide the children with a caring environment in which the teachings of Christ are apparent. We aim to provide Religious Education which is academically sound and develops the foundations of, and for, Christian life
Year Group and whole school masses are an important part of the children’s religious education, where all are invited to participate. Special assemblies are presented by each class on a termly basis. Parents are invited to attend any or all masses and assemblies.
Prior to admission to our school it is clear to parents and pupils that our Catholic identity is central to the life and teaching within our community.

We follow the Westminster Diocesan requirements:

Whole school Religious Education is to provide for a lived faith experience through worship, retreats, assemblies and action for social justice.

Classroom Religious Education is resourced as a core subject and allocated 10% of teaching time.

The classroom Religious Education curriculum is delivered in accordance with the general norms laid down by the Bishops’ Conference: Religious Education Curriculum Directory (3-19) (2012); Statement on Religious Education (2000) and any Diocesan guidelines.

Classroom Religious Education is to assessed in accordance with the general norms laid down by the Bishops’ Conference: Levels of Attainment in Religious Education in Catholic Schools and Colleges (2007).

Classroom Religious Education is inspected according to the current Diocesan Inspection Framework.
The Eucharist, worship and prayer are central to the life of our school. There is strong provision for school-based celebrations which are complemented by visits to our Parish Church, Our Lady of Dolours and the support of our chaplain, Fr. Dominic Byrne.

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


God’s world

God’s Family

Getting to Know Jesus

Sorrow and Joy

New Life


Year 1

God’s Great Plan

Mary Mother of God

Families and Celebrations

Following Jesus



Year 2

Chosen People


The Good News

The Mass


Birth of the Church

Year 3

The Christian Church

Mary our Mother

Called to Change



Being a Christian

Year 4

The Bible

Trust in God

Jesus the Teacher

Jesus the Saviour

The Mission of the Church

Belonging to the Church

Year 5

Gifts from God

The Commandments

Inspirational People


Life in the Risen Jesus

People of Other Faiths

Year 6

The Kingdom of god


Jesus the Bread of Life

Jesus the Son of God

The Work of the Apostles

Called to Serve