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Welcome to St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Hendon

St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School is a vibrant and historic part of the neighbourhood of Hendon in North West London. Founded in 1882 initially as a boarding school, the school has survived two World Wars and gone from strength to strength. We work to give our children the best possible education in the fullest sense of the word – academically, spiritually and emotionally.

The gospel principles of loving your neighbour, of compassion and of justice permeate all aspects of our school life. We are a friendly and outward-looking school community, welcoming families from all parts of the world. We are proud of our success in academic exams and achievements on the sports field, and we also have good links with local, national and international charities and organizations.

Please take time to browse our website to find out more about the school and the fantastic activities we are involved in.



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School News Feed
  • General
    20 July 2021
    Letter from the Headteacher
    Dear Parents Please see the attached letter from Dr Lane for your information. Kind regards,
  • General
    14 July 2021
    Wednesday Word for the Summer Holidays
    Dear Parents Please find attached the Wednesday Word which covers the summer holidays. School Office
  • Event
    13 July 2021
    Barnet Libraries Summer Summer Events for Children
    Dear Parents Please find attached further information which has been sent through from Barnet Libraries giving details about some exciting author visits they have planned over the holidays. School Office
  • Newsletter
    7 July 2021
    Summer 2021 Newsletter
    Dear Parents Please find attached the newsletter for Summer 2021. School Office
  • Sports
    5 July 2021
    BPSS Community Newsletter
    Dear Parents Please see attached the newsletter from BPSS (Barnet Partnership for Schools Sport) which may be of interest. School Office
  • General
    14 June 2021
    Helping your child
    Dear Parents Attached is a link to resources for parents to help support their children through the challenges the pandemic has caused. We hope you will find them useful as we work together towards the end of this academic year. https://youngminds.org.uk/find-help/for-parents/​ Kind regards,
  • General
    22 April 2021
    Operation Ecompass
    Dear Parents Please see the letter attached for your information. Kind regards,
  • Important
    11 March 2021
    Up-dated term dates for 2020/21
    Dear Parents There has been a change to our term dates for the summer term 2021. There is no longer an Inset Day on Monday, 7th June, children are expected to be in school, and we will finish for the summer holidays on Thursday, 22nd July not Friday, 23rd July. The term dates are attached showing the change. These dates can also be found on our website and on the SchoolPing calendar. School Office
  • Important
    11 September 2020
    Dear Parents Please see the attached guide for information. IMPORTANT: from Monday 14th September 2020 all visitors over the age of 11 years old must wear a face covering on site at all times. Thank you for your co-operation. HANDS + FACE + SPACE
  • Important
    9 September 2020
    Dear Parents Please see attached important information sheet. Many thanks for your continued support and co-operation. School Office
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