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Ofsted Report

Please see the comment below following our latest BPSI review:

St Joseph’s has improved significantly since our last inspection. Unfortunately, inspections have been postponed due to Covid – but the school had an inspection carried out by the local authority in January 2020 and they confirmed the improvements that had taken place…

The senior leadership team were cohesive, strong and ambitious focusing on the needs of the school and its pupils. They know the school and children well and recognise the areas for development. This is supported by a strong team ethos, from the relatively new teaching team.

There is a strong focus on teaching and learning. Behaviour is excellent and reflected in all aspects of the school.

The team agreed that this is an effective school with an upward trajectory. There is clear evidence of consistent approaches being applied in a systematic way providing clarity for all staff.  A child during pupil discussions stated, “School has really improved for us.”


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