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Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Dr J Lane Executive Headteacher
Ms Z Keating Deputy Headteacher
Ms G Sheridan Assistant Headteacher
Ms J Connolly Phase Leader - EYFS
Ms E Yogaratnam Phase Leader - Year 1 to Year 3
Mr J Woolman Phase Leader - Year 4 to Year 6
Ms A Jolliffe  SENCo

Class Teachers

Name  Class  Subject Leader 
Ms M Roche  Nursery  
Ms M Myrvold Nursery   
Ms G Hamilton  RS Computing EYFS 
Ms J Connolly RT  
Ms C July  1S Computing KS1
Ms A Tanti 1T Art & DT
Ms E Yogaratnam 2S   
Ms H Belhadj 2T Early Reading 
Ms M Tommy 3S  EAL
Ms P Aguilera 3T  Science 
Ms C Tarbet 4S Music 
Ms M Fleican 4T    
Mr S Koutis 5S Computing KS2
Ms D Baxter 5T Geography 
Ms A Carroll  5J PSHE
Ms A Dearden-Hall 6S RE (maternity cover) & History
Mr J Woolman  6T Maths 
Ms J McEnhill 6J English 
Ms H Foley   RE (maternity leave) 

PPA Cover

Name  Class  Subject Leader 
Mr N Coleman PPA PE
Ms A Alvarez PPA  
Ms C  Park PPA  

Teaching Assistants

Ms N Amaratunge  Teaching Assistant 
Ms E Calloni Teaching Assistant 
Ms V Capone  Teaching Assistant 
Ms A Chambers  Teaching Assistant 
Ms A Cieslinska Teaching Assistant 
Ms S Doherty  Teaching Assistant 
Ms W Fairclough  Teaching Assistant 
Ms L Greene Teaching Assistant 
Ms D Higgins  Teaching Assistant 
Ms S Luxford  Teaching Assistant 
Ms D Jahans  Teaching Assistant 
Ms A Mason Teaching Assistant 
Ms J Myers  Teaching Assistant 
Ms C Park  Teaching Assistant 
Ms E Pilat  Teaching Assistant 
Ms V Raja  Teaching Assistant
Ms S Ranganathan Teaching Assistant 
Ms M Ryan Teaching Assistant
Ms T Sawczak Teaching Assistant 
Ms B Shah Teaching Assistant
Ms A Vincent Teaching Assistant
Ms M-N Walker Teaching Assistant
Ms R Zeqiri Teaching Assistant 

Mealtime Supervisors

Ms A Boswell  Mealtime Supervisor 
Ms M Braileanu Mealtime Supervisor
Ms M Fernandez  Mealtime Supervisor 
Ms A Ferrara  Mealtime Supervisor 
Ms F Ghirardo Mealtime Supervisor
Ms E Mitroi Mealtime Supervisor 
Ms S Mythen Mealtime Supervisor 
Ms H Pendrouse Mealtime Supervisor
Ms L Tambini Mealtime Supervisor

Breakfast Club

Ms A Boswell   
Ms D Higgins   
Ms S Luxford   


Mr J Carney  Caretaker 
Ms J Abakiene Premises
Ms P Bhudia Premises
Ms S Devji Premises
Ms A Ferrara Premises 
Ms N Marchetti Premises
Ms F Martorana Premises
Ms E Mitroi Premises
Ms O Quinones-Martinez Premises
Ms S Vadher Premises
Mr N Ndefo  ICT Technician 

School Administration

Ms M Emmett School Secretary
Ms A Ricketts Senior School Administrator 
Ms M Cooper Administration Officer
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